Littmann Classic III stethoscope - 5622 - navy blue

Littmann Classic III stethoscope - 5622 - navy blue
Littmann Classic III stethoscope - 5622 - navy blue
Littmann Classic III stethoscope - 5622 - navy blue
Littmann Classic III stethoscope - 5622 - navy blue
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general information

3M™ Littmann® Classic III™ is the new version of the stethoscope that supported milions of professionals all over the world.


The Littmann Classic III stethoscope is recommended for auscultation of cardiac and pulmonary tones for diagnostic purposes. Professional use only.

Technical features:
The Littmann Classic III stethoscope has two licensed floating membrane that detect low and high frequencies both sides.
The bigger side can be used for auscultation of adults, the smaller one for children or skinny patients. The pediatric side can be turned in a bell, removing the membrane, for an easier auscultation of low frequencies.
The Littmann Classic III provides a great auscultation avoiding any kind of interference.

Main features:
• stainless steel head with licensed double floating membrane, with diaphramn in ephossidic fiber glass;
• the membrane is easy to remove for cleaning;
• active side head indicator;
• esclusive special PVC tube, resistant to oils for sking and alchool, single with one acustic channel;
• ferrule and "not-cold" ring in neoprene;
• soft licensed eartips 3M™ Littmann;
• light arch, made of alluminium with double spring for more comfort.

The licensed floating membrane allows to auscult both high and low frequencies without turning the head. Light pressure for low frequencies and high pressure for high frequencies. Latex free, phtalate free.

The 3M LITTMANN products are medical devices CE marked (Dir 93/42 ssm).

Standard equipment

• Spare eartips
• Neoprene ring

technical information

• Length: 69 cm
• Weight: 150 gr
• Performance: 7
• Colour: navy blue

• Shape: double, adult and pediatric
• Material: stainless steel
• Diaphramn: floating, standalone
• Diaphramn dimensions: adult 4.3 cm, pediatric 3.3 cm

• Shape: single (single channel inside the tube)
• Material: latex free and phtalate free

• Material: space alloy / anodized aluminum

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